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This weekend I had a great class with a bunch of women and their cameras. I love teaching (spent my life doing so thus far), and I love photography from back in high school and film days. Any time I get the chance to teach others about photography and how to use their cameras, it’s a good day.  Saturday was no exception.  More on all of that later and how you can sign up for the next class coming soon. Stay tuned here or contact me now using my contact form  ^up there!

Then, on my way home I got a facebook message that I  responded to on my phone. I now realize why many photographers choose not to answer fb messages, it’s easy to get lost in them.  Not to mention that “other folder.” Do you know about that? I had a LOT of people trying to get a hold of me in that way, I just never knew. Sadly, for them and for myself, I missed their inquiries.  Back to this recent occurrence.  After it was said and done, I realized that as a profession, even though we are able to explain our ways to clients who are sitting in front of us, there are a few things we need to spell out for the general public…in case they just don’t know-even before an inquiry.  I mean, they’re not the photographer, so our terms aren’t necessarily common to them.

Sessions with Tamara Henion Photography are print productive when you choose from any of my three specialty options:  Senior, Wedding or Portrait.  While each of these sessions are booked independently from the other, with each commission I help you from the very beginning decide on where you want to showcase fine art photography in your home, and we organize your session with those goals in mind. Do I offer digital files? Sure, but they’re not the focus of my clients’ desires. Beautiful portraits to display in their homes for generations, is.

There’s always an exception:  at select times throughout the year, I offer mini-sessions. Minis are different and actually do include digital images.  They are available only  to families, children and couples (no weddings or newborns).

The next question quickly comes: Is there a difference between a mini session and a full session?  YES, and they are grand differences. You will  get professional quality images either way, but besides that, there are few  similarities.  Time, outfits, connection, lighting, grouping, and quantity of files are all  limited by default of time during a mini-session which means less opportunity. Oh, just thinking about it makes it hard to just sit here and type;  regular  sessions are so full of life, getting to know each other which is important in front of the camera, finding new little places with delicious light, taking our time with artistic and genuine posing, using some props or changing outfits up to make one session appear to take place at different times and in different places are just so special!  You leave after 90 mins to an hour, or more, of a full session a bit worn out possibly, but also on a high with anticipation of viewing your large  gallery of images soon.  However,  minis are a good way for those clients who need just a few images or  when budgets are tight but great images are important.  Currently, my mini sessions are 15 minutes and are the only sessions I do that include {5} digital images.  Because I book them back to back all on one day, time constraints limit everything else; they’re both easier and more difficult for me to do for those reasons.

Here are a couple of important  terms to note when looking for a photography session to fit your needs:

When a session includes a GALLERY of images, that is like  walking through an art gallery and viewing the photographs on the walls that you have not purchased.

When a session includes an album of  DIGITAL IMAGES for printing and sharing, those images belong to you-you’ve purchased them with your session.

So, if you’re not sure, ask your photographer if you’re receiving a viewing gallery or a set of digital images that belong to you for printing and sharing.

Of course, all of this will be made clear on the contract you sign with your photographer; this is just to get you started as you search for your sessions.

I hope that helps you when thinking about exactly what you want from your photographer and photography session. They say, there’s a photographer for everyone. I’d love to talk to you about your next session. If you have any other questions about photography, leave a comment and  I’ll be happy to answer!




Portrait Minis last only 15 minutes


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