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Finding beauty all around [James River Richmond VA]

Finding Beauty All Around Me

That’s the answer when someone asks me what I love about photography.  What?  Look around, everything I see, I see beauty in.  My family knows that when we’re leaving the house I need my purse, my keys and my camera.  Why? Because if not,  there WILL be something that I see to which  I’ll  exclaim, “I wish I had my camera with me!”

Spring is hesitant to show after this year’s long winter, but that made no difference to me as we wondered down around the James River in Richmond, VA the other day. I was, true to how the creator put me together, finding beauty all around!




A Rose is Rose and these are Valentine’s Day Roses [Midlothian VA Photographer]

Valentine’s Day 2014.

 Honestly, we usually spend it around our dinner table ( alone when the kids were young) enjoying a special meal make for my husband.   Add a little Ghirardelli dark chocolate and we’re set.

This year I was unexpectedly spoiled.  A dozen beautiful red roses graced my mantle most of the week and ahead of our latest snow storm: so enjoyable to see.  My nine year old bounced through each next day in anticipation of giving me a pretty green quartz ring he picked out himself. I’ll remember his love and excitement every time I wear it.  The mailbox delivered a lovely card from my best friend. I love her.  My oldest made me, from scratch, my favorite Hummingbird Cake (you should have seen his brother’s eyes  when he asked what kind it was…that was funny) and a grilled steak dinner complete with veggies. From a self proclaimed  meatatarian, that’s something extra special.  Wait, I just remembered he gave me a card any mom would love to get from her almost 20 year old son.  A treasure forever!

Baby Wyatt at home photography-

So, a rose is a rose may be true, but these Valentine Day Roses made me feel so very loved all week.  I’m so thankful!

Proverbs 31: 28 “A Virtuous Woman…Her sons rise up and call her blessed. Her husband also praises her:”

We Bought A Zoo (pass) [My Story]

Before I knew it, it was already nearly Thanksgiving last year before I had the money to buy our zoo passes. The Richmond Metro Zoo (which isn’t anywhere close to metro Richmond, by the way), is a favorite family past time.  We learn so much there and enjoy our walks as we get to know the different animals, their names and personalities.  Oh, did I mention how much of an incentive it is to get our work done in the mornings? Yeppers!

This year, I set aside would-be Christmas money for other toys or gifts-and earmarked it for zoo passes. BEFORE any torrential downpour of unexpected bank emptying  happenings had opportunity to rain on my parade this year, we went and got our passes yesterday. Any January 50 degree day deserves an adventure through the zoo. So it was. We bought a zoo pass, actually 4 zoo passes, and we took to the winding paths yesterday afternoon.

I’m sure you’ll get to know some of the animals due to the we bought a zoo pass thing as the year unfolds. But, yesterday’s big adventure for me was a new lens to play with. This Richmond area Photographer has a great day at the zoo anytime my camera is attached (and who could believe my boys almost hide my camera from me? it’s true!).

So, come with us, our first 2014 day at the zoo!

PS, my lens baby is awesome, Baby!

Winter Wonder [My Story]

I am a photographer.

I am a lover of scenery; God’s creation enthralls me and I find no shortage of places to find His glory in the world around me.

I love taking in the beauty of each day.

Rich hues fill the VA hills each autumn, summer sun peeks from behind mountains and highlights ocean waves, and spring blooms fill the grounds and trees with promises of new, but winter is the least of these.

 Snowbirds fly south by way of wings they were born with as well as cars that will take them there. It can get cold here. We might get some snow, and that’s beautiful, but a lot of winter is dark, bare and just drab.

Today, before the frigid below zero temps blow in, I decided to go out for a winter’s walk. I was in search for winter’s beauty that would satisfy my photographer’s eye.

Would you believe I found it? Yes, without leaving my own yard it was right there plain as day.

Enjoy ~ Winter Wonder!

Winter Wonderlanddaily-2014-8713daily-2014-8717

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