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A Tea Party Needs Dancing Too! [Magnolia Green Children’s Photographer]

A Tea Party Needs Dancing Too!

Time rolled around again, and I was able to document that this sweet 6 year old had another birthday. Cue the music and get on with the party!


I was at a different house last year for her birthday, and I was so excited to see her new space. Princess, Diva, Sweetheart-no matter what you see, this young lady lives large and her room is always so “her!”


To be fair, every day for her is a party-she and her mom live life fully, and it’s so fun to see.  So it was only right that we pulled up to see a very unusual bird sitting lakeside. I bounded out of the vehicle to be sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me as he was quite a ways away, but low and behold there was a majestic Bald Eagle.  I told her that she was my first client to ever bring the nation’s bird to a session!

Bald Eagle Flying

How many little girls get to pose with the Eagle in the tree behind her?!


Ashely was invited to her tea party and there the two of them sat thoroughly enjoying one another’s company and Grandma’s Heirloom Tea Set; it’s every little girl’s rite of passage.

Little Girl

I have no daughters, but if I did, I’d have a huge canvas of this one displayed in my home for sure!  Quintessential Princess!


The sun continued to set as this late spring evening grew cooler.  My princess was full of her own little personality and

shared some great ideas for being in front of my camera again.  I was more than happy to oblige.


Do you remember tire swings?  I adore big, old trees for the very reason that my imagination takes me back to my own childhood instantaneously.

The minute I saw this big tree, I knew we were going to incorporate it somehow. I think it worked perfectly. Wouldn’t you say so?



Drawing closer to nightfall, we wanted to catch a few more photographs of Little Miss. We headed over to a spot I’d scouted earlier in the week.

We heard a mouse, saw a snake and ate a bug? 🙂  It was just such a fun evening.

Here, sitting on the hill at the golf course where they live and Daddy loves to spend time.  She’s a doll!


Getting more serious:


and then- BAM – the dancing began!  Every tea party needs dancing, too!


A little late-night pleading brought us to our last spot and ‘the bridge.’

Really, there was no big thing about this pretty area to our sweet little girl except maybe that it was next to the playground she was dying to get to, even if she was pretty tired out!



Swoon!  One of my absolute favorites!


The night is done.  I can’t wait  until we meet again, Sweet Little Lady!

Baby Boy Comes Home [Midlothian Va lifestyle photographer]

Baby Boy Comes Home

[Midlothian VA lifestyle photographer]

When you’re looking for a photographer who brings herself and her camera into your home to capture  your best just as you are, that’s a lifestyle photographer, and that’s me.  I love most anything I can get behind my camera for, but I especially enjoy telling stories that  bring a smile to your face and a very particular moment in time to your heart every time you see them through the years to come. Lifestyle photographer, Tamara Henion Photography~ It’s Real!

After a pretty snow-less winter, central VA opened its doors to a beautifully fallen snow just after Valentine’s Day. It would also happen to be this little guy’s birthday. He came into his mommy and daddy’s world just about as quickly as the ground was covered in white that Monday early afternoon. I do believe it was an instant love fest between Mommy, Daddy and big sister that very moment.  When baby boy comes home the world changes as it once was, and no one would ever want to change that!

So, join me in welcoming this beautiful baby boy to the world. Oh, how precious!


Newborn Baby [Midlothian VA Lifestyle Photography]



newborn photography

Since you’re not getting much sleep anyway, I’ll come over (coffee in hand, if you’d like) and try my best to freeze time. One thing that is certain in a new momma’s life, nights turn seamlessly  into days–somehow, yet in a flash it’s time for a first birthday. Professional prints of your newborn baby in his or her newest and earliest days (which are so hard to grasp in their fullness) are not just an investment now, they’re a treasure forever.  See these beautiful images? That’s a newborn lifestyle session (and siblings) with Tamara Henion Photography-email me soon.  You’ll fall in love over and over again. Contact me now to book your session.

Book any session in Jan. or Feb. and receive a free 16×20 print!


At home with her new baby [Newborn photography Midlothian VA]

I am always excited to hear from expectant moms about photographing her new baby in what I feel to be the most precious way–at home and as it is. I think this sweet momma felt the most like I do than any I’ve been honored to photograph in the past. As a matter of fact, she was so easy going that after seeing her new baby boy do so well in just a short time, she was happy with what she saw (That’s all I want! So, with that and a very hungry  and often nursing baby in hand,  I was on my way. That’s how I work best, no fuss, no pressure, no must haves or dos, just let the baby  (and his mommy) take the lead, get what we can and leave them to be together once again.  Of all things I love, Mommy being close by is one of the best…and the fact that the clock is in the photo is great. Time with a newborn seems to run altogether. So glad to catch a glimpse of when this was all happening.

At home in Midlothian VA  with new baby

Baby H loved to keep his hands up by his face. His mommy said that in every ultrasound shot, he’s doing the same.  So incredible these tiniest people are. I’m amazed a new each time I get to photograph a newborn.
thp-2He looks peaceful and content…and he was, after some time and for a minute or two.  He knew there was milk to be had close by! Who could blame him?custom_grid_item_6_1420933404NEWBORN


His sister was doing a good job learning to be a big sister. For two year olds, this little baby is no small thing. She’s beautiful and I know she’s going to be a wonderful big sister.

After a few snacks and right before I was heading out, baby H awoke to see what was going on all around him. Only a few days old, but very curious already.  Welcome to the world Big Guy.  I wish you the best in all the days ahead of you for you and your sweet little family!

Thank you for inviting me in and allowing me the honor to share these fleeting few hours with you as you adjust to your new normal. Blessings as your new family grows and adjusts.


Great Family, Great Family Photos [Midlothian VA Photographer]

Great Family, Great Family Photos…that’s what happens!

I don’t know if I love these family photos most because of the sweet faces in them, or because they make my job look so easy. <3

Love them!

I get inquiries that being with, “I love black and white photos, too…”   No use denying it, I LOVE black and white photography.

You too?


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