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Cancer Cannont [Midlothian VA Photographer]

What Cancer Can’t Do


Cancer is so limited...

It cannot cripple love,

It cannot shatter hope,

It cannot dissolve faith,

It cannot destroy peace,

It cannot kill friendship,

It cannot suppress memories,

It cannot silence courage,

It cannot invade the soul,

It cannot steal eternal life,

It cannot conquer the spirit.

(I can not find a source for this sign I saw)

Can you guess where I’ve been?

I’ve been loving, hoping, exercising faith. I’ve been finding peace,

 being comforted with true friendships, reliving and even making precious memories.

I’ve been digging up courage from deep down places, protecting my soul in all  the Lord is and longing for Heaven.

I’ve been fighting to have the same spirit that I see in my mom as she fights for her life. Hospitals, Cancer center, nursing home. Home. I’ve been with my sweet Mom.

And let me tell you something, that will change a person.

It hasn’t made me who I am not; it’s been said that what’s learned in the light shines in the dark.

It has, however, allowed me to reevaluate my time, my priorities and my life.

It has brought to a place where the overflowing cannot be contained.

Cancer. Time. Family. Faith. Friends. Memories. Inspiration.

It’s time to share my all with you.


from the






midlothian va photographer and writer

Uprooted. Brain Tumor [Midlothian VA Photographer]


June 8, 2014.  For a couple of weeks it looked like Mom was having a bad reaction from an overdoes of pain meds-it was text book ‘too much’ followed by the same ‘withdrawal’, but it wasn’t that. Visits and phone calls were leading me to realize something was wrong.  After a few hours in the ER that Sunday, it hit me that something was really wrong-and we were soon t to find out just how wrong it was.  There’s a lot to this story, and it’s still unfolding day and night by day and night whether we want it to or not, and though I do want to share it with you, I don’t want to tonight.  Since that day in the ER 3 weeks ago, it seems to have been one loooooooong day, but tonight’s story is a little off track of Mom and all her brain tumor has-very sadly and unwillingly- enlightened us to.

Dad was born today 76 years ago: June 29, 1938.  Gram died this same date– what seems like yesterday but has been years. Even before this year, this news, this tumor, June 29th was a bittersweet date on our family calendar…I was just praying we’d make it through it with no more to add than Happy Birthday, Dad.  Today a meal was delivered to Mom and Dad’s house. This is something that others have been doing for a week now.  In and out the door they will come as they drop off wonderful meals to sustain my beloved parents in this time of need. It’s always easier to be the giver than the receiver, but as it turns out, my mom does both with the utmost graciousness. In fact, she’s a blessing to all who are meeting her in her cancer journey already. I’m not surprised…and neither are you if you know her.   I was holding up to the window some old x-rays when a little purple jeep pulled in the driveway. Soon, my husband led the sweet woman in the front door and to the kitchen.  No one knew her. She dropped off a hot homemade dinner of salmon, steamed veggies and pound cake with mixed fruit (yummy).  Somewhere in the mix she shared that she doesn’t cook much at all, yet here she stood in Mom’s kitchen (where she’s spent the better part of her life sharing her own love of baking and cooking with all she knows) delivering a meal.

“Is that your mom in the car with you?” my husband asks.  And then we heard her story.   That jeep was on its way to the Peaks of Otter where a cemetery held residence of her late sister who died, not too long ago, from cancer.  She and her siblings were getting through these tough months in a different way and with more steps forward than her mom was able to manage. So it was another trip to the cemetery for her in hopes that her mom could somehow find enough strength to make it through a few more weeks without her daughter.  Until she pulled away and my husband used the wall behind him as a bit of a brace, I didn’t know she loved rescuing dogs (we LOVE our dogs), or that she was looking for a new place to live, or that she didn’t even know my parents.

Money wasn’t flowing freely through her hands.  Cooking isn’t one of her passions.   Her schedule wasn’t empty.  She had no steadfast friendship to foster with Mom or Dad.

She just signed up and showed up.  I don’t even know why, but I’m sure glad she did.   This is how great our God is…he sends angels right to our front door.  Thank you, Lord.

Thank you to today’s special angel.

I hope you didn’t get rained on at the cemetery today.

I pray you get the return blessing 100 fold.

Psalm 42:8
By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me– a prayer to the God of my life.



Snowball Fight [My Story~Midlothian VA Photographer]

A Great Snowball Fight Indeed

Brothers.   Snowball fight. One winner. One not so much.

Enjoying another little snowfall here in Midlothian is much bigger a deal that it may seem to some. Some winters we don’t get any snow, and others we get pummeled.

This year, we are getting a little here and a little more there in pretty quick succession.

This week, we got a little more.

After 15 minutes of building a snowman alone, it was time for some action, and I saw it coming!

I peered from my dining room window as I watched my youngest do his best to get his brother’s attention away from shoveling the driveway and onto himself. He did-just as I knew he would.  Privately, I chuckled knowing he was going to get exactly what he was asking for.  Three-two-one!  And he’s on the snow covered ground yelling something about unfair.  Took me back to all the snowy winters in New York, Iowa, Delaware and Maryland growing up with my own brothers.  A great snowball fight indeed!

Baby Wyatt at home photography-9570

Baby Wyatt at home photography-9580

A Rose is Rose and these are Valentine’s Day Roses [Midlothian VA Photographer]

Valentine’s Day 2014.

 Honestly, we usually spend it around our dinner table ( alone when the kids were young) enjoying a special meal make for my husband.   Add a little Ghirardelli dark chocolate and we’re set.

This year I was unexpectedly spoiled.  A dozen beautiful red roses graced my mantle most of the week and ahead of our latest snow storm: so enjoyable to see.  My nine year old bounced through each next day in anticipation of giving me a pretty green quartz ring he picked out himself. I’ll remember his love and excitement every time I wear it.  The mailbox delivered a lovely card from my best friend. I love her.  My oldest made me, from scratch, my favorite Hummingbird Cake (you should have seen his brother’s eyes  when he asked what kind it was…that was funny) and a grilled steak dinner complete with veggies. From a self proclaimed  meatatarian, that’s something extra special.  Wait, I just remembered he gave me a card any mom would love to get from her almost 20 year old son.  A treasure forever!

Baby Wyatt at home photography-

So, a rose is a rose may be true, but these Valentine Day Roses made me feel so very loved all week.  I’m so thankful!

Proverbs 31: 28 “A Virtuous Woman…Her sons rise up and call her blessed. Her husband also praises her:”

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